New Relic EMEA Partner Enablement
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Welcome, Partner Relic!

The purpose of these labs are to help you get the most out of your partnership with New Relic. The activities cover typical activities encountered by New Relic users.

The labs are written for use with AWS. You will be able to follow along with the labs if you are without a strong Linux, AWS, or New Relic background; but our advice is you take some time along the way to understand what is happening and context.

It is recommended you keep a document with screenshots with your progress in a diary format to help your learning, in addition to completing the self assessment form.

The lab is followed by a Capstone assignment present back. Note: completing the self assessment form is a pre requisite to attending the Capstone. The Capstone will be held at a New Relic office location. You will be given a demo scenario on the morning you arrive in the office with an example customer scenario, with the presentation in the afternoon. There is more information at the bottom of this page.

Remember, you have access to the EMEA Partner Enablement team

Capstone Assignment

After completing the lab exercises, you must submit the self assessment form. Your sponsor will arrange a feedback session. On passing the labs, you will be invited by New Relic to prepare a Capstone presentation at a New Relic office location.
Note:Completing the self assessment forms is mandatory to attending the Capstone Assignment.

Your capstone scenario will be handed to you on the day of the presentation and you will present it to the New Relic team later that afternoon.

The New Relic team will be looking for in your presentation:

  1. Consultative attitude towards the "customers" scenario
  2. Correct product placement, fitting the scenario
  3. Confidence in product demonstration

You will be given a New Relic RPM account on the day you arrive with some demonstration data already populated there. This will be a “fake customer” account, so it may or may not have everything to address the scenario - you can feel free to highlight initiatives the customer can take to bring this data into New Relic, as can often be the case with customers.

To prepare you for the Capstone assignment, here is some required reading that will help you prepare for the assignment and customer engagements:

  1. New Relic Guide to planning cloud adoption
  2. New Relic Guide to optimising your Cloud Native environment
  3. New Relic Guide to measuring DevOps success
  4. New Relic best practices for monitoring digital customer experience


Is this the correct place to come to register as a partner?

No it is not. Head on over to the New Relic Partner Program for that.

How long does it take to complete the labs?

Current testing shows this takes around 6 hours and 30 minutes. It is probably best to allow an entire day for this.

What size instances do I need in EC2?

In CloudFormation you are asked to select an instance size. T2.micro instances work perfectly well.

Are there any pre-requisites to the course?

It is expected you are a New Relic Certified Performance Pro before participating in the Enablement Labs.
A basic knowledge of AWS, command line (and SSH), and linux is assumed.

Do I need to complete the self assessment form?

If someone from New Relic has invited you to participate in the Enablement Labs, then most likely the expectation is yes. The Capstone presentation (final stage of this enablement) requires you to have completed a self assessment form.

Will you be providing AWS access?

Are you a New Relic employee sitting the labs? Then reach out to your sponsor or the EMEA Partner Enablement Team who can work with you on access.

Do I need a professional level New Relic account?

Some components of the lab will require this. Particularly Synthetics (Lab 3) and Professional Features Lab (Lab 10). A trial will suffice. You can create a trial for the purposes of this lab. You can also ask your New Relic sponsor for clarity.

Can I give feedback?

Absolutely. Feedback drives the roadmap of the labs. Leave feedback via Google Forms.

This site, and any contents or web pages attached, contains confidential and proprietary information that is intended for the exclusive use of New Relic, Inc. and authorised partners.


New lab for Kubernetes and Prometheus 1 Nov

There is a new lab for Kubernetes and Prometheus integration - Lab 11. Be sure to check it out to learn about installing Kubernetes locally, integrating with New Relic, integrating New Relic and Prometheus, and deploying a demo application to scrape metrics from.

Updated Synthetics Labs  28 Oct

Lab 3 has been updated to include scripted API tests. It includes a topical build your own test too! (With some help added too).

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